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Women's Lab Coat & Jacket Styles

The lab coat plays an integral part in your everyday uniform. Healthcare professionals depend on professional attire to instill confidence between caretaker and patient. By choosing as your source for high-quality coats and women’s specialty lab attire, you benefit from small company service and the product selection one might only expect from a large supplier. Our selection of women’s specialty lab coats includes top-of-the-line products by the leading designers in the medical apparel industry, including Cherokee®, Dickies®, Meta®, and more. We are also able to provide customization services in the form of embroidery, logos, and so much more. Shop today!

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466 Protective Lab Coat Unisex Protective Short Coat

466 Fashion Seal Labcoat

This Item is on Back Order Until Mid June

Our Price: $27.95
4006 Food Processing Coat Food Processing Coat

4006 Red Kap Lab Coat
No Pockets

Our Price: $27.99
KS60  Food Processing Coat Snap Front Food Processing Coat

KS60 Red Kap Coat
No Pockets

Our Price: $28.99
Red Kap Snap Closure Lab Coat Special Snap Front Lab Coat

KP38 Red Kap Lab Coat
No Pockets

Our Price: $29.50
3418 Snap Front Lab Coat Fashion Seal Protective Snap Front Lab Coat

3418 Fashion Seal 42" Labcoat

Our Price: $29.95

Red Kap Extra Long Lab Coat 41" Special Snap Front Cuffed Labcoat

KP70 Red Cap Lab Coat

Our Price: $30.99

3419 Snap Front Lab Coat 41" Protective Lab Coat - No Pockets

3419 Fashion Seal Labcoat

List Price: $34.95
Our Price: $31.95

Red Kap Snap Front Cuff Lab Coat Special Snap Front Cuffed Lab Coat

KP72 Red Kap Labcoat

Our Price: $31.99

439 Snap Front Lab Coat Protective Snap Front Unisex Lab Coat

439 Fashion Seal 41" Labcoat

Our Price: $32.95

7010 Meta Women's Fluid Resistant 39" Lab Coat Women's Fluid Resistant Lab Coat

7010 META 39" Special Labcoat

Our Price: $35.95

6403 Protective 42" Unisex Labcoat Protective Fluid Resistant Unisex Snap Lab Coat

6403 Fashion Seal 42" Labcoat

Our Price: $37.95

Protective Unisex Labcoat Unisex Fluid Resistant Snap Lab Coat

457 Fashion Seal Labcoat

Our Price: $38.50

Unisex Fluid Resistant Labcoat Fluid Resistant X-Static Labcoat

11653 Meta 40" Unisex Labcoat

Our Price: $46.75

6402  Protective 42" Unisex Labcoat Texture Shield D-STAT Protective Lab Coat

6402 Fashion Seal 42" Labcoat

Available in White, Navy & Ceil Blue

Our Price: $49.95
KK26  Anti-Static ESD Labcoat 33" Anti-Static ESD Labcoat

KK26  Red Kap Labcoat

Our Price: $53.99
KK28  Anti-Static ESD Labcoat 41" Anti-Static ESD Labcoat

KK28 Red Kap Lab Coat

Our Price: $56.99
KEL2 Button Front Lab Coat CAT 1 Fire Rating 100% Cotton CAT 1 Fired Rated Lab Coat

KEL2 Bulwark Lab Coat

Our Price: $79.95
KLL6 Fire Rated Lab Coat - CAT 2 CAT 2 Fire Rated Lab Coat

KLL6 Snap Front Lab Coat

Our Price: $98.50
KLL6 Fire Rated Lab Coat - CAT 2 Cat 1 Fire Rated Lab Coat

KNL2 Bulwark Fire Rated 41" Lab Coat

Our Price: $169.99
KNL6 Bulwark Concealed Snap Front Lab Coat - CAT 1 Cat 1 Concealed Snap Front Lab Coat

KNL6 Bulwark CAT 1 Coat

Our Price: $179.95

Women’s specialty lab attire is designed to withstand the demands of the modern medical workplace. We offer a wide variety of unisex coats to fit and flatter every body type, but we also carry an array of fashionable coats that will allow your staff to feel, look, and perform routine tasks to the best of their abilities. Many of the women’s specialty lab coats we carry feature antimicrobial odor control technology, so you stay dry and comfortable for the duration of every shift. Lab coats equipped with soil release or fluid-resistant technology will prevent laboratory liquids from soaking into the fabric. Some of the lab coats we carry also come with vents for optimum breathability in demanding workplaces.

Modern lab coats can be as fashionable as they are functional, and that is precisely why we stock women’s lab coats with hand access side slits, stylish back belts, patch and breast pockets, as well as anti-static protection. If you would like to add a professional’s name or title to the left or right chest. Using our handy customization tool, you can choose the ideal font style and thread color. We can also add custom logos to create a crisp sense of professionalism in your uniforms. Pricing will be based on the complexity of the logo, but we will send an estimate prior to proceeding with the order. While customizing, remember to double check all information, punctuations, and spelling.

Outfit your healthcare practice, hospital, or medical group with comfortable apparel by shopping form our selection of women’s specialty lab attire today. If you have any questions about our products, please call 1-800-LABWEAR now or send an email to for additional information or further assistance.