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Women’s Lab Coats and Jackets

In a field of great responsibility, a high level of professionalism is often expected. This extends to professional attire and has you covered. We offer lab coats and jackets for women in the medical, pharmaceutical or consultation fields, in addition to those in medical schools or university programs.

Browse our designer lab coats for women from the best names in the industry including Dickies, Meta, and more. We stock an excellent selection of sizes and styles with lab coats and jackets available in various sleeve lengths as well.

Each coat and jacket allows you to work in comfort while simultaneously expressing a level of professionalism that is sure to inspire trust in patients or consultees. offers embroidery on all merchandise from highly skilled technicians at reasonable prices. Shop with us for all women’s custom lab coats and jackets! Call 1-800-LABWEAR and speak with our friendly and courteous staff today!