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Lab Coats for Women

Whether you’re shopping for your staff or looking for a better solution for on-the-job comfort, is here to help.

Whether you’re shopping for your staff or looking for a better solution for on-the-job comfort, is here to help. We offer a wide selection of lab coats for women, with solutions for every body type and style preference. With the right attire, you can easily instill confidence between patient and caretaker. Our selection includes some of the most beloved brands in the medical apparel industry, including Barco™, Cherokee®, Dickies®, and much more. We also offer customization options. Shop from our selection to find women’s lab coats for consultations, practicals, and other occasions.

There are many reasons to wear a lab coat, but safety should always be your main concern. Lab coats are designed to protect your skin from spills and splashes that can occur in the laboratory. Many of the consultation and lab coats in our selection are made from a polyester or cotton blend because synthetic materials can melt in direct heat or cause burns in the event of a fire. Women’s lab coats with antimicrobial fabric protection inhibit the growth of bacteria, yeast, and algae, so your staff can work with peace of mind.

Lab coats for women have evolved over time to include the features we need to look and feel our absolute best on the job. Consultation coats are designed for medical doctors that meet with patients on a routine basis. Back pleating and button closures help these coats to look more like casual jackets. We also offer lab coats with iPad pockets, so you can access patient records on the go. Short sleeve lab coats are ideal for facilities where protection against acid and other substances is not the main concern.

Every lab coat in our selection is eligible for personalization. By using our custom embroidery services, you can display your title or the name of your practice at the forefront of your uniform. Depending on your coat you choose, you can add left or right chest embroidery or a logo of your own design. Pricing will be based on the complexity of your logo. Our technicians offer years of experience in custom embroidery and treat each project with great care. If you have any questions or concerns about our selection or need help throughout the custom embroidery process, please call today to speak with a member of our staff.