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Unisex Lab Coats & Scrubs

Expressing a high level of skill and experience in the workplace is the mark of a professional.

In medical fields and industries, the best attire results in trust while also allowing for the best job to be done. is the proud provider of not just nurse scrubs for men or women, but we are also your source for all embroidered lab coats for men or women.

As a provider of unisex lab coats and scrubs, we work to outfit both professionals and students, male or female. Placing orders for an entire staff or class has never been simpler. Our products are made from durable fabrics that allow for maximum mobility when working in hospitals, medical schools, or conducting scientific or medical research in laboratories. Many of today’s major brands are available! We also offer custom embroidery from highly skilled technicians to proudly display your practice and/or title, and at reasonable prices. Call 1-800-LABWEAR today and speak with our friendly and courteous staff!