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Budget Lab Coats for Men

We might think of hospitals and other healthcare facilities as uniformed workplaces, but a professional appearance extends far beyond scrubs. is the exclusive source for fashionable and functional consultation coats for men. Our selection of men’s consultation coats includes all the best apparel brands in one convenient place. Shop online today to explore our wide variety of men’s consultation lab coats made by ADAR™, Cherokee®, Dickies®, and much more. We also offer custom embroidery services to medical offices that might like a personalized uniform for all of their staff. Start designing your own consultation coats today or email us to get the design process started.

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Adar Men's & Unisex Sizing Chart Zipper Front Short Sleeve Lab Coat

607 Adar 31" Unisex Labcoat

Our Price: $19.25

5103 Budget Consultation Coat Men's Consultation Lab Coat

5103 Meta 30" Labcoat
Quick Ship Item

Our Price: $20.99

Adar Men's & Unisex Sizing Chart Unisex Consultation Coat

805 Adar 31" Labcoat

Our Price: $20.99

4300 Cherokee Lab Coat Unisex Zipper Front Jacket

4300 Cherokee Jacket

Our Price: $21.95

Dickies Men's Lab Coat Men's Fit Consultation Coat

81404 Dickies 31" Labcoat

Our Price: $22.50

3409 Consultation Lab Coat Short Sleeve Unisex Consultation Coat

3409 Fashion Seal 34" Labcoat
Quick Ship Item

Our Price: $22.95

6125 Meta Mens Professional Zipper Lab Shirt Meta Professional Zipper Lab Shirt

6125 Meta Men's Zipper Shirt

Our Price: $22.95

Adar Men's & Unisex Sizing Chart Unisex Short Sleeve Lab Coat

2816 Adar 31" Labcoat

Our Price: $22.97

Cherokee 31" AntiMicrobial & Fluid Resistant Lab Coat Men's 31" Consultation Lab Coat

1389 Cherokee Labcoat

Our Price: $23.99

739 Meta 3iPad Consultation Coat Men's iPad Pharmacy Coat

739 Meta 30" Pharmacy Coat
Quick Ship Item

Our Price: $27.99

Meta 34" Performance Lab Coat Men's 34" Performance Lab Coat

1168 META Men's Labcoat

Our Price: $28.95

KP10 Men's Lapel/Counter 3 Button Coat Men's Blazer-Style Lab Coat

KP10 Men's 30"

Our Price: $28.95
6119  30" Unisex Labcoat Unisex Consultation Lab Coat

6119 META 30" Lab Coat

Our Price: $29.99


Consultation coats are designed with back pleating and button closures to help them look more like casual jackets for one-on-one consultations with patients. A casual design can set patients at ease and allows primary physicians and specialists to discuss clinical work, diagnoses, and results with complete confidence and comfort. Many of the men’s consultation coats in our selection are made from a polyester-cotton poplin or twill blend with a soil release finish that prevents laboratory liquids and powders from soaking into the fabric. If you work long shifts in varying locations, a short sleeve lab coat may be the perfect solution. Short sleeve coats are ideal for medical facilities where protection against acid and other substances is not a core concern.

Men’s consultation lab coats continue to evolve, so they include the features we need to meet the demands of the modern medical industry. We offer lab coats with iPad pockets, so you and your staff can access patient records on the go. Antimicrobial consultation coats for men feature odor control technology, so you can stay dry and comfortable for the duration of your shift. We also carry consultation coats with hand access side slits, pen dividers, vents, interior pockets, notched lapels, and so much more.

Customizing our men’s consultation coats is easier than ever. Before completing your order, we make it easy for you to add embroidery requests to each individual lab coat. Options include left and right chest embroidery in your choice of font and color. If you decide to add the logo of your practice, pricing will be based on the complexity of your logo. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us today for additional information or assistance.