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Men's Dress Shirts

We tend to think of healthcare facilities and hospitals as uniformed places, but the modern medical specialist requires quality apparel that can be worn for any occasion. offers one of the largest online selections of scrubs and lab coats, but we also offer a wide variety of dress shirts for men. We take pride in our ability to provide small company service with the product selection you might expect from a large company supplier. Throughout various medical fields, the right attire can not only put patients at ease but instill confidence and trust. Our selection of men’s professional shirts includes a wide variety of colors and sizes for you to choose from. Shop online today!

One of the most important aspects of choosing medical attire is the care each garment requires. Shop with peace of mind in knowing that all the men’s dress shirts in our selection are guaranteed Easy-Care for washing and wearing. Crown Collection dress shirts are made from cotton and polyester with a stain release finish that is designed to repel liquid stains and other substances. Each shirt also features patented pucker-free taped seams, so the seams stay flat throughout the shirt’s lifetime and your shirt will look like-new every time you wear it.

As an employee of distinguished healthcare facility, you are expected to maintain a professional image while working in the clinics or while attending company events, seminars, training, conferences, or meetings. Our selection of men’s professional shirts includes an array of colors and patterns to diversify your work wardrobe. Comfort is an extension of the quality of the uniform you wear. All of the men’s dress shirts in our Crown Collection have adjustable comfort collars for up to an inch of stretch at the neck, as well as left-chest pockets for stowing pens and other necessities.

We also offer custom embroidery services, so you can personalize your dress shirts to include a name, title, or the logo of your choice. Pricing will be based on the complexity of your logo. Our technicians offer years of experience in custom embroidery, so you can rest assured that we will treat your project with great care and attention to detail. Please contact us today with any questions or concerns.