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Red Kap Scrubs and Lab Coats

Since 1923, millions of workers have trusted their uniforms to a leading brand that values comfort and durability, as well as premium performance. proudly offers a broad selection of Red Kap® lab coats and attire for the healthcare workforce. Every garment in our selection is engineered to withstand the demands of long shifts, industrial laundering, and so much more. Made with top-of-the-line fabric blends of polyester and cotton, Red Kap® scrubs and coats are ideal for a variety of healthcare industries or specialties. Shop from our selection today and customize your new uniforms by adding embroidered names, titles, or logos. Our embroidery specialists are here to help.

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4006 Food Processing Coat Food Processing Coat

4006 Red Kap Lab Coat

Our Price: $27.99
4016 Men's Snap Labcoat 45" Men's Snap Front Labcoat

4016 Red Kap Lab Coat

Our Price: $28.95
KP10 Men's Lapel/Counter 3 Button Coat Men's 30" Lapel/Counter 3 Button Coat

KP10  Men's 30"

Our Price: $28.95
KP14 Men's 5 Button Lab Coat Men's 5 Button Labcoat

KP14 41" Men's

Our Price: $28.99

KS60  Food Processing Coat Snap Front Food Processing Coat with Knit Cuffs

KS60 Red Kap Coat

Our Price: $28.99
38" Women's 6 Button Labcoat 38" Women's 6 Button Lab Coat

KP13  Red Kap Labcoat

Our Price: $28.99

KP18 41" Men's Snap Lab Coat 41" Men's Snap Front Labcoat

KP18  Red Kap Lab Coat

Our Price: $28.99

Red Kap Snap Closure Lab Coat Special Snap Front Lab Coat

KP38 Red Kap Lab Coat

Our Price: $29.50
KS62 Men's Snap Lab Coat 45" Men's Snap Front Lab Coat

KS62 Red Kap Labcoat

Our Price: $30.99
Red Kap Extra Long Lab Coat 41" Special Snap Front Cuffed Labcoat

KP70 Red Cap Lab Coat

Our Price: $30.99

Red Kap Snap Front Cuff Lab Coat Special Snap Front Cuffed Lab Coat

KP72 Red Kap Lab Coat

Our Price: $31.99
KT30  44" Shop Coat 44" Snap Front Shop Coat

KT30 Red Cap Shop Coat

Our Price: $39.95
KK26  Anti-Static ESD Labcoat 33" Anti-Static ESD Labcoat

KK26  Red Kap Labcoat

Our Price: $49.99
KK28  Anti-Static ESD Labcoat 41" Anti-Static ESD Labcoat

KK28 Red Kap Lab Coat

Our Price: $53.99
KK26  Anti-Static ESD Coveralls ESD Anti-Static Coveralls

CK44  ESD Coverall

Our Price: $72.99
KEL2 Button Front Lab Coat CAT 1 Fire Rating CAT 1 Fire Rated Lab Coat

KEL2 Bulwark Lab Coat

Our Price: $76.95
KLL6 Fire Rated Lab Coat - CAT 2 CAT 2 Fire Rated Lab Coat

KLL6 Snap Front Lab Coat

Our Price: $98.50
KLL6 Fire Rated Lab Coat - CAT 2 Cat 1 Fire Rated Lab Coat

KNL2 Bulwark Fire Rated Lab Coat

Our Price: $169.99
KNL6 Bulwark Concealed Snap Front Lab Coat - CAT 1 Cat 1 Concealed Snap Front Lab Coat

KNL6 Bulwark CAT 1 Coat

Our Price: $175.95

All the Red Kap® lab coats we carry are treated with a durable press finish before being cured and cut. This pre-cure finish provides resistance against shrinkage and improved wet to dry wrinkle recovery. Women’s lab coats come with darts and princess seams to create a more flattering shape. These coats also come equipped with hand access slits and pockets with pencil pouches, so you can stay organized on the job. Lab coats with anti-static protection are made with fibers that stretch instead of break, eliminating triboelectric generation. We also offer blazer-style coats and coats that feature adjustable gripper sleeves with groundling snaps.

Red Kap® lab coats are designed with modern medical professions in mind. Most coats have pen dividers and chest pockets, so you can jot down notes or store alcohol prep pads, calipers, ID cards, keys, and so much more. Medical facilities can be cold, but the hours you spend on your feet can be taxing. A lab coat with side or back vent openings will allow your body to breathe and you to be comfortable for the duration of your shift. We also offer flame-resistant lab coats in a variety of colors and styles to choose from.

Several of the Red Kap® scrubs and coats in our selection are eligible for custom sizing or special order. Email us at to request an estimate and speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives. If you would like to learn more about our custom embroidery services, please call 1-800-LABWEAR today to speak with one of our embroidery specialists. Let us know how we can help you get the most from your uniform budget.