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Colorful Lab Coats

The traditional white lab coat has been worn to convey cleanliness, power, and trust. However, the tradition of white is steadily losing steam. The modern medical workplace is colorful, and healthcare professionals of all kinds are trading in their white uniforms for lab coats or scrubs with more personality. proudly offers a broad selection of colorful lab coats in multiple sizes and styles. Colored lab coats will allow your department or staff to feel comfortable and confident while performing their everyday responsibilities. Trust your uniform needs to Cherokee®, Meta®, and other leading designers of medical attire by shopping from our selection today.

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Adar Men's & Unisex Sizing Chart Zipper Front Short Sleeve Lab Coat

607 Adar 31" Unisex Labcoat

Our Price: $19.25

Adar Men's & Unisex Sizing Chart Unisex Consultation Coat

805 Adar 31" Labcoat

Our Price: $20.99

4300 Cherokee Lab Coat Unisex Zipper Front Jacket

4300 Cherokee Jacket

Our Price: $21.95

Adar Unisex Color Lab Coat Unisex Universal Lab Coat

803C Adar 39" Labcoat

Our Price: $24.98

KP10 Men's Lapel/Counter 3 Button Coat Men's Blazer-Style Lab Coat

KP10 Men's 30"

Our Price: $28.95
KP18 41" Men's Snap Lab Coat Men's 41" Snap Front Lab coat

KP18  Red Kap Lab Coat

Our Price: $28.99

KP14 Men's 5 Button Lab Coat Men's Colored 5 Button Lab coat

KP14C Red Kap 41" Men's Labcoat

Our Price: $29.99

6116C  40" Unisex Labcoat 40" Unisex Color Lab Coat

6116C META Labcoat

Our Price: $31.95

KT30  44" Shop Coat Men's 44" Snap Front Lab coat

KT30 Red Kap Shop Coat

Our Price: $39.95


Medical uniforms can now be as fashionable and flattering as they are functional. Our selection of colorful lab coats includes a wide variety of styles for men, women, and medical workers that prefer unisex sizing. White lab coats are traditionally associated with doctors, physicians, and laboratory scientists. So, it’s no surprise why dental hygienists, nurses, pharmacists, surgical technologists, and other healthcare professionals turn to colored lab coats to diversify their everyday uniforms. Our traditional lab coats feature button closures to keep scrubs or other clothing clean and professional. We also offer short sleeve lab coats for facilities where protection against acid and other substances is not a core concern. If protection is a concern, stock up on lab coats with soil release or fluid-resistant technology.

Under the bright lights of an operating room, white coats can often strain the eye and lead to headaches. Colorful lab coats will still instill confidence between caretaker and patient, while simultaneously allowing you or your staff to feel and look the absolute best on every shift. Many of the coats we carry are made from a fabric blend of polyester and cotton, with plenty of pockets and ample space to keep your valuables or medical supplies safe and secure. Every product we offer comes in a variety of sizes, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect solution for every body type.

Interested in customizing the new lab coats for your hospital or healthcare facility? Our custom embroidery services allow you to choose the ideal font style and thread color, so you can design a one-of-a-kind look that differentiates your practice from the rest. Please call or email us today for additional information or further assistance.